Personal Private Detective Services

We can help in marriage problems to know about the family or family background Character of your future wife or husband.

We can do verification of personal data for Embassies.

  • Background Investigation (Pre-Marital)
  • Identity Verification
  • Cheating/ Unfaithful Wife or Husband
  • Verification for Embassies
  • Activity Check
  • Pre-Employment Screening

Pre & Post matrimonial Investigation / services

In so many cases where the spouse has physical and mental relationship with others but get married elsewhere and sometimes continues even after marriage that create problems. This when, detected by the spouse who feels cheated thus spends a miserable life thereafter. We can provide all legal assistance in these sort of matters to solve these problems as per desire of complainant.

Pre Matrimonial:

Professional Detective Pakistan can provide information in following aspects in pre-matrimonial cases:

  1. Job profile, salary and reputation.
  2. Temperamental details.
  3. Previous marriage (if any) / Character.
  4. Relations with other men / women.
  5. Family background / financial status.
  6. Drug abuse, alcoholic, smoker and other general habits.
  7. Criminal activities (if any).

Post Matrimonial:

Due to marital developed problems suspected activities or adultery by the spouse creates problems and it becomes impossible for the married couple to live together. Separation and court cases for divorce may occur. Thus you may need our assistance to solve these issues, and for  procuring alimony decisions and for enquiring material evidence of your spouse which will stand good may in the court of law. It will also cover the matter related to child possessions, share in property etc.


Divorce & Litigation Support:

We have special team to collect the evidences in the matter of matrimonial court cases to obtain the salary proof or to collect the documentary evidence of husband’s assets and bank accounts etc, and on the other hand the job proof of the wife to eliminate the maintenance. For both sides, to fight for truth is the first right of human being and one should achieve the correct evidence and must get the right judgement from the court of law. We also cover the matter related to child possession and share in property. We can provide still photographs or video tapes or any other type of recorded conversation as per your requirements of your spouse activity, where about etc, whether you need divorce or just to know the truth.

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